"Supervision provides the container that holds the helping relationship within the therapeutic triad" Hawkins and Shohet, 1989

I have a diploma in supervison. As a supervisor I provide safety and structure for you to manage any anxiety. I work in an integrative way from my training of Person Centre and Psychodynamic and with an understanding of Mindful CBT. I am currently on a Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Supervision.

My Initial training was Person Centred with emphasis on Carl Rogers and after two years we then trained in Psychodynamic theory with emphasis on Freud and Jacobs (1998). After studying Clarkson I now use the five-relational Clarkson framework which provides an integrative framework (Clarkson 2003). This helps my understanding of psychodynamic transference and counter transference concepts and the humanistic approach of person centred theory.

I work with Psychodynamic theory emphasis on Freud and influenced by Jacobs (1998) working with defences and resistance as well as using transference and counter-transference. There can be a healthy use of transference where information from the past is processed together with the present. From the unconscious clients become aware of attachments (Bowlby), defences, drives and deficits in relationships.

I integrate Person centred theory which is influenced by Carl Rogers (1951) core condition; unconditional positive regard-I am not judging the client; empathy-understand the clients thoughts and feelings; congruence, where I am authentic and genuine.

As a Supervisor I work with The 7 Eyed Model (developed by Hawkins and Shohet) being aware when working with you of -

  1. The Client
  2. Interventions
  3. Counsellor- Client relationship
  4. The Counsellor
  5. Supervisor- Supervisee relationship
  6. The Supervisor
  7. The Systems

I work as a member of the BACP with their ethical framework which I believe is important when you may bring ethical dilemmas. The "BACP believes that supervision can positively contribute to the maintenance and development of ethical professional practice".

I currently volunteer as a Supervisor at Turning Point in Tooting where the client group is substance misuse and a wide range of mental health issue.

Supervisee say to me that from the supervision they feel a release and have a clear mind and they also are then feeling energised to go back to their clients. The relationship is key for us working together.

I offer supervision to individuals or groups, to qualified or trainee counsellors and psychotherapists.